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The MindFull Kitchen wants to simplify life by providing individuals with healthy plant-based food that is ready to enjoy. We make small batch products in Hamilton, Ontario that are vegan and gluten-free while offering nut-free options!

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Save time, energy and the stress of preparing snacks for the week. Breathe, we’re here to help!  Pre-order your treats and pay online. Select the farmer’s market location that’s the most convenient for your pick-up (every Saturday)!

The MindFull Kitchen can be found at farmer’s markets, pop-up shops and special events!

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It’s Rolo time! During my yoga teacher training in Nicaragua that was the best thing I could have heard. Soft and chewy, caramel-like centre dipped in chocolate.. At the time, nothing could have sounded better! I don’t want to sound entitled, but I am slightly conditioned to having something sweet after dinner.. Especially after doing

Raspberry Chai Pancakes

Everyone seems to have their weakness.. I admit, my weakness is pancakes. They’re warm, fluffy, and smothered with maple syrup goodness, how could you resist?! I’ve experimented with many different gluten-free pancake recipes in the past and have not been satisfied. I’m not sure you can even call them pancakes.. rather hard, round, flour discs..

Chocolate Cherry Smoothie-Pudding Bowl

Happy New Year everyone! After traveling here and there the past couple of months and all of the holiday busyness, I can say that I am ready for some grounding. Time to get rooted, focused, and intentional. I’m not one for New Years resolution fads.. Eat healthier, get back in shape, wake up half an hour

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